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What are Indigenous Plants?

Indigenous plants are those that naturally occurred in an area at the time of European settlement. They are the plants that have adapted to the local conditions and provide appropriate food and shelter for the birds and animals that live in that area.

Why plant Indigenous Plants?

Photo of The Queenscliffe Community Plant Nursery
The Queenscliffe Community Nursery
Photo: John Ellis

Planting indigenous plants in the Queensliff / Point Lonsdale area will:

  • maintain the local character of the coastal towns and surrounding countryside. By growing plants that naturally occur here, you can help maintain the unique characteristics of this area.
  • provide a low maintenance garden as they are well adapted to the local conditions and require little or no water or maintenance once they are established.
  • encourage local birds and animals which use indigenous plants for food and shelter. These will help reduce insect pests, and maintain a healthy balance in your garden.
  • preserve the plant species and encourage genetic diversity.

If everyone grows some indigenous plants, we have a greater investment in the future of each of these species. Many of these plants are available from the Queenscliffe Community Nursery.

Plant Lists

Listings of plants found around Swan Bay:

You may wish to view some external links about plants here.

Printable Posters

The following posters are freely available for download and view or print at your leisure. You will need the 'Flash plugin' to successfully view these files. Most web browsers ship with this plugin pre-installed, but just in case you don't have it, you can download it from here:

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The documents are presented with a toolbar that looks like this.

When printing, set the orientation to landscape for best results.

These links will open in a new window. The files to be downloaded are quite large, so please be patient while they load into your browser.

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