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SBEA & the Stocklands Development in the Media

Borough urges Geelong and the State Government to protect Lonsdale Lakes wetlands

At its Council Meeting on Wednesday, 17 June 2009 the Borough of Queenscliffe resolved to make representations to the City of Greater Geelong and other authorities that any development of Point Lonsdale's Lonsdale Lakes area should retain the existing waterways with appropriate environmental setbacks.

read more of this article here (PDF format)...

The Swan Bay Environment Association's stance on the Point Lonsdale Stockland Development has appeared in the media.

Bob Fuller's letter to the editor in The Age of February 18 2009 reads:

Loss will be eternal

THE Swan Bay Environment Association is indeed bitterly disappointed with the State Government's decision to approve the proposed Stockland development in Point Lonsdale.

The 760 dwellings will be built on land that connects internationally recognised wetland areas. The run-off will find its way into Swan Bay, and houses, cars, dogs and people will take over a piece of land inhabited by native animals and birds, and where indigenous flora thrives.

The development also involves altering a dune system and waterways to create canals that will flow into Swan Bay.

The Government's judgement demonstrates that the environment, no matter how special, will be sacrificed for economic growth. The headlines scream that 8000 jobs will be created by the development. Australians, fearful for their jobs, can be forgiven for accepting this proposition. There are, however, many other ways to create jobs.

Wetlands are disappearing all over the world and we can never reclaim them once lost. The previous councillors of the City of Greater Geelong supported the development. We strongly urge the new council to reverse this decision.

Bob Fuller, Swan Bay Environment Association, Queenscliff

ref: The Age Online of 18 Feb

Many SBEA members were present at a rally protesting the Stocklands Development on Feb 9 2009, which was reported by The Age on 17 Feb:

Government swamped by hostility to wetlands project

LOCALS have expressed outrage at a State Government decision to approve a massive new residential development near Point Lonsdale which they say will increase the size of the town by a third and destroy wetlands.

read the rest of the article at The Age Online here


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