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Queenscliffe Herald Article - November 2006

Swan Bay on the Web

Jill Warneke
Swan Bay Environment Association

The Swan Bay Environment Association is very proud of its new website which was launched in July . We would like to take the opportunity presented by this column to introduce readers to some of the features which can be found on the site.

The design of the website is attractive, its coverage of material and information concerning Swan Bay is extremely comprehensive and it’s very clear and easy to use.

Swan Bay is one of the most scenic places in Victoria and there are some beautiful photos on the website. There are also photos of plants and the two plants posters produced by the Association (which are also available from the Queenscliffe Council offices) are reproduced on the site. They are complemented by details of the indigenous flora, including lists of plants which are grown at the Nursery and are available to be purchased for 50 cents each. The Nursery began about 10 years ago to grow plants for re-vegetation projects around Swan Bay and Queenscliffe. It is at 79 Nelson Road, and volunteers are welcome to join in the propagation or re-vegetation activities. Ring 5258 1716 if interested in joining us.

There are also lists of local birds, local fish and local animals. So if you see a snake, check its likely name on our website!

The Association has collected a large amount of material relating to Swan Bay – historical, environmental, geographical, etc. – which is stored at the Department of Primary Industry at Queenscliff. All the items have been catalogued and these resources are listed on the website under the heading “Library”. Items may be viewed by ringing the Department – details are given on the website.

Our past environmental articles from the Queenscliffe Herald are available on the site, and also the past Newsletters of the Association. Local environment happenings are featured, in particular any planned working bees (which of course, everyone is welcome to join).

And for those who would like to look further afield there are useful links to other related and interesting websites.

So take some time to explore the Swan Bay Environment Association website at:

Even better, join the Swan Bay Environment Association – a membership application form is on the website!

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