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Queenscliffe Herald Article - August 2005

Appreciating the Simple Things of Life

By Fiona Topolcsanyi

My four-year-old son caught a leaf today as it wafted from the branches of its tree. Not much of an achievement I hear you say but consider this – his were the first human hands to touch this leaf. Too often in our fast paced modern world we forget to appreciate some of the simpler things in life. Here in Queenscliff there is so much of the natural world to appreciate. A sunrise over the bay, a shiny shell found on the beach or simply standing by the ocean can make the world seem a better place. And we are very lucky we live so close to a wetland of national and international importance – Swan Bay.

Most of us would agree that Swan Bay is a beautiful and amazing place. Those in the know make the most of living in close proximity by sailing on the bay, strolling along the shore or just enjoying the view. Still others take this a step further and do their bit for Swan Bay by working on committees, participating in working bees or planting indigenous plants in their gardens. A prime example is a regular contributor to this section, Jill Warneke.

Jill co-ordinates the running of the Queenscliffe Community Nursery, attends lots of local meetings and has cultivated an indigenous garden at home. The nursery, at 79 Nelson Rd, has been set up to propagate, plant and sell indigenous plants. All work at the nursery is done by volunteers who have cultivated a large selection of hardy indigenous plants which are naturally suited to local conditions and which require minimum watering and attention once established.

If you feel inspired to do your bit for the maintenance of our beautiful Swan Bay this is your chance. Come along and join in the fun either by helping out or by buying a plant at the Nursery working bees held between 10-12 on the 3rd Sunday of each month. No experience is necessary.

In the meantime take a moment to reflect on the beauty of Swan Bay and our natural heritage and the simpler things of life around us.

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