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Statement of Purposes

  1. The name of the incorporated association is “Swan Bay Environment Association Incorporated”.
  2. The purposes for which the incorporated association is established are:
    1. To ensure as the prime objective that Swan Bay remains in its natural state thus maintaining:
      1. its recognized international significance as a wetland.
      2. its international reputation as a bird sanctuary and habitat involving many migratory birds.
      3. it as a nursery for fish.
      4. the sea grasses of Swan Bay as an important assembly of flora which form the basis for the biological processes of Swan Bay, including fish breeding.
      5. the flora of the adjacent land which exhibits characteristics of a typical salt marsh shoreline environment and are an important habitat for the endangered orange-bellied parrot.
      6. it as a remnant of an earlier ecological system of Port Phillip still almost as it was when discovered by Murray and Flinders.
      7. Swan Bay and environs as an unpolluted dynamic estuarine system.
    2. To ensure that any “development” in or adjacent to Swan Bay shall be entirely sympathetic, sensitive and appropriate, not interfering in any way with the natural environment and ecology of Swan Bay and its environs.
    3. To encourage government departments and local councils and authorities to use our knowledge and resources, even to the extent of forming a Committee of Management of Swan Bay.
    4. To encourage passive recreation such as bird watching and nature walks.
    5. To pursue the possibility of upgrading the classification of Swan Bay from that of a marine reserve to a park. It is apparent that some small additional areas including a buffer zone should be incorporated in the reservation. In the event that such areas are in private hands, steps should be taken to purchase the land or obtain it by donation.
    6. To open membership to all people interested in the preservation of Swan Bay and environs as a natural environment.
    7. To publish and otherwise disseminate information on Swan Bay and its environs.
    8. To hold meetings which are open to the public and used for the purpose of disseminating appropriate information.
    9. To raise funds to achieve any of the above objectives, but not for the purpose of profit or gain to individual members.

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