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Swan Bay Collection - St. Leonards & Pt. Edwards Area

Note: These references have been formatted to assist in the reduction of paper use.

Did you know? (1998). Swan Bay Environment Association and Swan Bay Integrated Catchment Management Committee. 1p information sheet

Edward Point State Faunal Reserve (1989).Department of Conservation, Forests and Land, Geelong 2p leaflet.

Edward Point State Faunal Reserve (1997). Parks Victoria, Melbourne. 2p leaflet.

Friends of Edwards Point (1998). What’s happened in the first twelve months of Friends of Edwards Point? 1p photocopy

Mosley, J.G. (1989). The conservation of the Lower Bluff, Swan Bay area, St. Leonards, Bellarine Peninsula. (Draft). Peak Environmental Enterprises, Kensington. 14p

Nuttall and Associates (1987). Lower Bluff: preliminary environment report. Nuttall and Associates, Pakenham (Vic.). 33p

Pescott, Trevor (1972). Excursion to Edwards Point. Geelong Naturalist February, 116-118

Pt. Edwards Survey (1996). The results of the survey taken at Pt. Edwards, 20 May - 20 June. (Source unknown). 5p

Shelley, Maree (2000). Simple ideas and cooperation achieves a great outcome for Edward’s Point. 1 page article from Coastline: Newsletter of Coast Action/Coastcare Autumn 2000, p.10

Trengove, Mark (1999). Edward’s Point Fauna Reserve: Vegetation management guidelines; MarkTrengove, Geelong. 116p

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