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Swan Bay Collection - Fish & Fisheries

Note: These references have been formatted to assist in the reduction of paper use.

Fishes of the Bellarine Peninsula (freshwater, estuarine and marine) Tables 3.13 and 3.14 from Jessop, R., Wilson, B. and Lindros, J. (1988). Flora and fauna database for the Geelong Conservation, Forests and Lands Region. Geelong Environment Council, Geelong (photocopy of pp. 84-87)

Jenkins, Gregory P. and May, Helen M.A. (1994b). Variation in settlement and larval duration of King George Whiting, Sillaginodes punctata (Sillaginidae), in Swan Bay, Victoria, Australia. Bulletin of Marine Science 54 (1), 281-296

Jessop, Rosalind (1984). Fish of Swan Bay. Geelong Naturalist 20 (4), 95- 97

Pike, Heidi (c1994). Bay-fix: commercial fishing: North eastern Port Phillip Bay - policy discussion draft. (Assignment for Bachelor of Social Science Environment Policy). 11p

Shaw, Megan and Jenkins, Gregory P. (1992). Spatial variation in feeding, prey distribution and food limitation of juvenile flounder Rhombosolea tapirina Günther. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology 165, 1-21

Victorian Fisheries (1996). Port Phillip Bay: fisheries management plan: background paper. Victorian Fisheries, East Melbourne. 122p

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