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Swan Bay Collection - Birds

Note: These references have been formatted to assist in the reduction of paper use.

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(2 copies)

Bird observing at Swan Bay: Year 11 Biology excursion. 25p

Birds of Swan Bay (1991).  Appendix 3 from Department of Conservation and Environment: Swan Bay marine and wildlife reserves proposed management plan. 6p (photocopy)

Birds of Swan Bay. Table 3.18 from Jessop, R., Wilson, B. and Lindros, J. (1988). Flora and fauna database for the Geelong Conservation, Forests and Lands Region. Geelong Environment Council, Geelong (photocopy of pp.94-95)

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Cameron, Margaret (n.d). Wader counts – Swan Bay (inc. Sand Is) 1983-99. (11 pages of typewritten notes)

Changing wader numbers in Swan Bay, 1983-1992. Victorian Wader Study Group (VWSG) 8p (photocopy)

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Waterbirds - odyssey of the wetlands: an independent international environmental arts project celebrating the magnificent flight of the Eastern Curlew along the East Asian Australasian flyway: project report (1993). Waterbirds Ltd, North Melbourne. 15p

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